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Why Choose ESG

We exist to service our clients. We understand that our clients only come to us because they have a problem, that needs to be solved, and they lack the internal expertise, resources, time, etc. to solve it themselves. You will remain our client long-term because we will help you find the best talent, build the most successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence. We find exceptionally talented, proven leaders who are in tune with your markets and fit the culture of your organization. At Employer Solutions Group, LLC (ESG) your needs are above all else. We develop close and effective working partnerships with you to ensure a solid understanding of your strategic issues and search requirements. This relationship is built on listening to you, integrity and trust. In our 100+ years of combined experience, we have found that there comes a time for many companies when their ability to solve complex business problems is the only obstacle to significant business growth. These challenges may relate to launching new products or services, opening new markets, or just staying ahead of the competition. The problem may be a tremendous opportunity no one else sees; it could be an inability to change your culture, deliver systems or processes fast enough to satisfy new customers. Whatever the specific context, we will assist and guide you through the assessment of what is holding you back and what it will take to solve those problems, and the financial impact to your shareholders. Some Key differentiators for using ESG as your Executive Search partner of choice are: •A fair and flexible fee schedule based on milestones achieved not on calendar days •An average completion time of <90 days from start to finish • Rapid and thoughtful responses with proactive, straight-forward advice •Search will be completed by a senior member of our firm • A true client/partner relationship built on trust • We deliver what we promise, on time, every time, with no exceptions

  • Client Driven

    If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

  • Experience

    We have over 100 years of combined experience

  • Dependable

    We Deliver what we promise, with no exceptions

  • Time

    Your time is precious, and we have average completion times of less than 90 days